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  • Non-Surgical Hip Treatments

    Non-Surgical Hip Treatments

    The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that connects the thigh bone to the pelvic bone. As a major weight...

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  • Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    Trochanteric Bursa Injections

    A trochanteric bursa injection is a minimally invasive procedure in which medicine is injected directly...

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  • Trochanteric Bursectomy

    Trochanteric Bursectomy

    Trochanteric bursitis, also known as greater trochanteric bursitis or hip bursitis, is a painful condition...

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  • Robotic Total Hip Replacement

    Robotic Total Hip Replacement

    Robotic total hip replacement is a minimally invasive procedure where your surgeon is assisted by a robotic...

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  • Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

    Outpatient Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

    With improved technology and advances in anesthesia and pain control, hip replacement surgery has evolved...

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  • Hip Hemiarthroplasty

    Hip Hemiarthroplasty

    Hip hemiarthroplasty is a surgical technique employed to treat hip fractures. In this procedure, only one...

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  • Hip Fracture Surgery

    Hip Fracture Surgery

    Hip fractures involve a break that occurs near the hip in the upper part of the femur or thigh bone.

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  • Physical Therapy for Hip

    Physical Therapy for Hip

    Physical therapy is an exercise program that helps you to improve movement, relieve pain, encourage blood...

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  • Computer-assisted Hip Replacement

    Computer-assisted Hip Replacement

    Computer-assisted hip replacement is an image-guided, minimally invasive surgical procedure to replace your...

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  • X-ray Guided Hip Replacement

    X-ray Guided Hip Replacement

    Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged hip joint is replaced with a prosthetic implant.

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